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               1889 THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS  #1172


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  The Illustrated Police News (ca. 1860–1904) or the Police News was a weekly periodical published in Boston, Massachusetts. In a popular, sensationalist style it reported news of crime and legal proceedings with stories about, for instance, Billy the Kid and Bat Masterson. Editors or owners included John Stetson and A.H. Millett.

 This issue is in very good condition view the video for the absolute best description. The pages are tan to off white colored and suppl, pages have slight edge wear and age staining as expected with a book that is 128 years old. (See scan for further details.) If you have a particular issues or newspapers you need for your collection drop us a message through Ebay or at our website imaginationradio 

Whitecapping was a violent lawless movement among farmers that occurred specifically in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was originally a ritualized form of enforcing community standards, appropriate behavior and traditional rights. However, as it spread throughout the poorest areas of the rural South after the Civil War, it took on distinct economically-driven and anti-black characteristics, eventually to be criminalized into state law. After its introduction to the formal law, its legal definition became more general than the specific movement itself: "Whitecapping is the crime of threatening a person with violence. Ordinarily, members of the minority groups are the victims of whitecapping. The movement or legal act of whitecapping is also associated with groups like The Night Riders, Bald Knobbers and the Ku Klux Klan who were known for committing "extralegal acts of violence targeting select groups, carried out by vigilantes under cover of night or disguise."

The Whitecapping movement started in Indiana around 1837, as white males began forming secret societies in order to attempt to deliver justice independent from the state. These groups became known as the "White Caps". The first White Cap operations generally aimed at those who went against a community's values. Men who neglected or abused their family, people who showed excessive laziness and women who had children out of wedlock are all prime examples of possible targets.

As whitecapping spread into the Southern states during the 1890s, the targets became drastically different. In the South, White Cap societies were generally made up of poor-white farmers, frequently sharecroppers and small landowners, who intended to control black laborers and to prevent merchants from acquiring more land. These societies in the South made it their task to attempt to force a person to abandon his home or property. This racial character of whitecapping in the South is thought to have been ignited by the postbellum agricultural depression that occurred immediately after slavery ended in the U.S., which involved issues such as overproduction and falling crop prices. With attention centered on producing cotton, the South's economy became very unbalanced. Many farmers went into debt and lost their lands to merchants through mortgage foreclosures. The merchants and their black laborers and sometimes new white tenants became quick targets for the dispossessed, who seemed to be losing everything. Racism contributed to the problem as well, prosperous black men, or simply African Americans who acquired land in the South frequently faced resentment that could be expressed violently. Some cite the maintenance of white supremacy, particularly in the economy, after the freeing of slaves in the South as one of the main reasons White Cap groups formed. Mexican Americans have also been cited as victims of white capping, particularly in the state of Texas.

Many White Cap societies were disbanded by 1894 and their members were punished with fines. Some state governments were determined to disband the White Cap societies operating in their regions, including Mississippi Governor Vardaman who assembled an executive task force in 1904 in order to gather information about membership because he feared the violence would drive too much labor away from the state economy.[9] However, there were still active members of the Whitecaps who were found and punished in the early 1900s. Though the negative economic effects of whitecapping violence were the main reason for state response to the lawlessness, it was often publicly expressed that the values of Christianity were the main reason why whitecapping should be ended.

Over many years, whitecapping not only affected individuals, but communities and counties as a whole. In the South, whitecapping discouraged many merchants and industrialists from doing business in the counties; it also threatened to drive away black laborers. In the late twentieth century, whitecapping continued to be an issue in the South, as evidenced by a 1972 Mississippi statute criminalizing its practice. The statute reads as follows: "Any person or persons who shall, by placards, or other writing, or verbally, attempt by threats, direct or implied, of injury to the person or property of another, to intimidate such other person into an abandonment or change of home or employment, shall, upon conviction, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars, or imprisoned in the county jail not exceeding six months, or in the penitentiary not exceeding five years, as the court, in its discretion may determine." 


 I am not a grader so I make sure the scans are close and  as detailed as I can make them. We have many other we have or will be listing if you have any questions just e-mail me through EBAY or at our web site imaginationradio com . This is one of 800  "Beadle's Dime Library, Nick Carter Library, Old Sleuth Library,  &"The Shadow Magazines" as well as several thousand dime novels we will be placing on EBAY and in our site store over this year. Any questions or special requests please email us. We always try to list any items that are requested as quickly if we can.

   This book is one of a large collection we are placing on our Ebay store of rarely available items and books.  The book is one of the many rarely seen items that we will be offering over the next few months from a collectors estate sale. Once these are gone how long before you will see them come up again. Once a collector buys them they go right back into a vault somewhere.

     We always take into consideration a customers history of buying from us when addressing "BEST OFFER" option. We will respond to you within the allotted time but if it has just been listed we will give it the full time period to allow others to make similar offers or purchase. We list many, many items that may be "One of a kind" or simply "One of a kind on the market". These items usually are placed in collections which are not seen again on the market until once again sold by collectors. If you collect, you realize that is a once in a lifetime occurrence for collectors.....

                                                                                 3rd Newspaper Shelf 

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